Post Ads

Posting an ad on is easy and simple. Just follow these simple steps:

5 Simple steps to post your ad:

  1. Get Registered
    • Make an account in for free. Just fill up the basic details, make your password and there you go. All set for posting!
  2. Click on Post Free Ads
  3. List your Item
  4. Fast and Easy-to-use Listing Process
    • Choose a Category
    • Type of your Ad
    • Enter Item Details with a suitable title
    • Upload Your Photos (up to 6)
    • If you need your ad to be placed in the featured list, just select ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ in the featured list

      4. Seller Information  

  •   Enter your Address with City, State and Postcode etc.
  •   You have the liberty to select whether or not to put your email information on the listing page.

          Once you finish all the above steps you will receive an email confirmation from us.  

      5. Receive Offers From Buyers

    • Email notices are sent directly to your inbox from interested buyers.


                           For any queries please refer FAQ. If you are struggling to find answers, write to us [email protected]

                           Our support team will be happy to address your queries.