HP Z8 G4 Workstations on rental

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When you need powerful desktop workstation with the capability to run the most complex simulations and process huge amounts of data such as 3D simulations and editing 8K video in real time with application ANSYS or After Effects, you can trust more to deliver better work in less time. HP Z8 G4 Workstation is perfect for you to Support the Windows 10 Pro 64 or Linux operating systems
Processor: Dual Intel Xeon Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum
Number of Cores: Up to 28 cores per CPU
Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro P6000 ‎24 GB GDDR5 ,CUDA Cores‎: ‎1024
Ram: UP TO 1.5 TB
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro
Mobile no: +91 90360 10005, Office no: 080-65707504
Email address: [email protected], http://globalnettech.com
Product Page: http://www.globalnettech.com/hp-z8-g4-workstations-for-your-needs-virtual-reality-machine-learning-and-3d-cad-design-in-bangalore-chennai-hyderabad-cochin-mumbai-pune-delhi-noida-gurgaon/


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